Buy Local - Build Your Community

Benefits of Buying Locally:
• You support jobs for your friends and neighbors.

• You keep your tax dollars in Borger.

• You nourish local non-profit organizations supported by local businesses. These are the businesses which support your youth activities and other donation needs within the community. Supporting the business encourages them to support YOU.

• You ensure CHOICE by keeping local business thriving.

• You help pay for city services such as fire protection, law enforcement and roads. When you shop in another community you are supporting their services.

• You help local suppliers who local businesses use.

• You receive better customer service. If problems should occur with a product the supplier is local and can try to solve the problem.

• You ensure the convenience we enjoy from having local business instead of traveling for purchases.

• You ensure that our money stays in our community.

• You help OUR economy improve, not some other town's economy.

• You help underwrite a city that attracts new business and tourism.

• You help make BORGER a great place to live, a great place for our children, a thriving city.

YOU Build Borger - When YOU Buy Local

For every $100 spent in local stores, $68 returns to the community through tax revenue per sales dollar, payroll, and other expenditures. So you are really paying YOURSELF when YOU shop local.

This promotion is in conjunction with Borger Economic Development Corporation.

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